07 March 2006

Left Hand Side

After WWI Tanzania (or then Tanganyika) became a British colony. They therefore drive on the left hand side of the road with the steering wheels on the right side of the car. The roads here are almost all full of bumps, potholes and in places are just the width of your car. I have been nervous thinking about driving when I return this summer. Yesterday however, despite the technical illegality of me driving here, I had no other choice then to battle the busy, aggressive, horn honking streets of Arusha. Luckily I had an automatic car so I didn’t have to worry about shifting with my left hand and I was following someone so I could just follow them when they turned to make sure I turned onto the right (or left as it really is) side of the road. I made it home without incident (although I am not good at judging how much room I have on the left side of the car, but only side swiped some plants and not a wall). I drove myself into town this morning to write you all and will be happy to turn over the keys to someone else later this morning. However it was nice for once to be able to just get in a car go where I needed to without relying on someone else, a luxury I have been looking forward to as I get close to returning to the states.


Anonymous Amy said...

The hardest part with left side driving is U turns. They are very dangerous.

7:31 PM  

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