04 February 2006

Dar es Salaam

Hi all,
Just a quick note. I'm now in Dar after a 10 hour bus ride yesterday in mostly 93-97 degree weather. It is my first time here, but I'm working on getting myself acquainted with the city. I'll be here for probably a week working on my research permit and immigration paperwork and will check back in with you all when I have more exciting things to report. :)


Anonymous owl3445 said...

10 hours on the bus....with chickens and goats? What kind of bus and what is the current fare from Arusha to Dar? When I came home from the Phillippines they had a bus that ran from Subic Bay to the Air Force base in the mountains. Jungle all the way. I opted for a cab and that was still exciting.

6:42 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

No chickens and goats on the bus, thank goodness :) The fair for the nicer busses (like mine) is 16-20 dollars. The bus is like an older grey hound bus (without a bathroom or AC) and the outside is cracked and brightly colored. Really not that bad minues the heat.

10:53 AM  

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