07 February 2006


Yes, Mozambique. Just yesterday I returned from a trip to Pemba, Moz. Craig and I flew down to Pemba on Friday and flew back yesterday making it a very short trip during which we talked with some researchers in Niassa who have been working with the hunting companies much like Savannas Forever plans to do. Overall it was a good trip. We stayed just across the street from the beach and while we spent most of the time talking to these other researchers and one of the hunting guys, it was neat to go to Moz. Pemba is one of Moz's larger tourist hub so the cost of hotels is expensive, but the town is tiny, there is really nothing to do. About half the people have shoes a good representation of how Mozambique is really one of the poorest countries in the world. The flight took about an hour from Dar on a larger Boeing, but then the return flight was an hour and a half on a 28 seat plane. This of course is not my preferred choice of plane, but tis the price to see the world. I didn't want to travel around with my camera so unfortunately I don't have pictures to show, but the proof is in my passport :)


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