27 January 2006

Gecko Chooni (Gecko in the toilet)

Yes, and I have the picture to prove it. There was a gecko in my toilet. I flushed and all the sudden there was this loud splashing and I turned around and screamed as this gecko was frantically trying not to get swished down the toilet. He got himself out and back up underneath a lip in the toilet where I couldn’t get to him. Well I couldn’t have him staying there so I flushed a half flush to get him down again and then coaxed him into an empty water bottle and took him outside. Not a big deal other than now, I every time I sit down, I think of big hairy buibui (spiders) hiding in the same place. Yikes! :)


Blogger nicole said...

your gecko is cute!! i think they eat spiders, so maybe he is your little protector.

we just got your christmas card in the mail. thanks! the ornament is adorable!


8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE geckos! Bring me one home ok?


9:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Kate hooked me up with your blog and I love reading about your expepriences. This home we're renting has so many white spiders in it and I think of you every time I kill (yes, kill, sorry!) them. Sounds like you are doing well...can you please refresh my aging memory and tell me what exactly you are researching there? Looking forward to reading more.
Dianne Biscoe

7:31 AM  

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