19 January 2006

Childhood fun

Hi again (or Habari Tena)
Thanks for everyone's comments. Yes, the house I'm staying in is definitely not roughing it. I have killed at least half a dozen buibui (spiders) in my room though, but they are all babies so I'm not freaked out. I also have two geckos living with me, a mom and baby (well at least one is big and the other the size of a pen cap). They help keep the bugs to a minimum as well. So not much is new, just working working working. I came into town today in the back of a pick-up. My host mom thought I was crazy b/c I insisted 1) that I ride in the back and let guest ride up front and 2) b/c I thoroughly enjoyed it. Seriously it was like being a kid, only my parents never let me ride in the back of a pick up. This truck (envision a little truck, not the big ones we have in the US) has bars across the back so I got to stand up the whole way, with a big grin on my face. Of course it was like I was on show though, everyone could clearly see a mzungu standing in the back of the truck. Oh well, nothing I can do about that. Mom, Dad, don't worry I know it isn't safe, but we can't really drive that fast here, there are huge speed bumps every mile or so on the paved roads and the rest are all unmaintained dirt roads that you can't go above 15 mph. And besides, they don't have seat belts in the cars so it isn't that much worse than sitting inside. Seriously don't freak, when a seatbelt is available I use it (people here don't even when available). Okay, until next week. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, i can just see you standing in the truck and wiggling.

9:54 PM  

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