16 January 2006

Wadudu (Bugs)

A second story from my trip….Tsetse flies and falling bugs (including cockroaches). In Tarangire there were lots of Tsetse flies. The good thing, I didn’t feel them this time when they bit me. The bad thing, I got bit 14 times, including on my back, chest, and legs. How you ask, wasn’t I wearing cloths? Of course, but those damm things can bite through cloths and climb up them! I felt one on my leg and squished it, only to see it fall out of my pant leg! Ugh! The bites turn to big itching spots so when I got back to Arusha a day later I took two allergy pills to decrease the swelling. However, this caused me to sleep for three hours from the side effects. Se la vi. I think I was also tired b/c we had been up late both the previous nights and while all the Tanzanians seem to be cold, I did not sleep well b/c I keep sweating, waking up drenched, because it is so hot (it is all relative I guessJ). So back to bugs, falling bugs that is…. Bernard and Ifura’s place in Tarangire is very quaint and great during the day. However, once the sunsets, the bugs rushed to their light and for some reason we all sat around the table (with the light almost over head) for a good hour while these little beetle things (that were crawling on the tin ceiling) kept falling on us. Furthermore, lots of flying ants and at least three cockroaches dive-bombed our bodies on more than one occasion. I sat there, pants tucked into my socks, hand clenching my shirt around my neck so nothing would fall in my shirt, flicking bugs off me ever 10-30 seconds! And yes, we did turn off the light, hoping they would leave, and that help a little, but only for about 10 minutes then drop, drop, drop, back they were.


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