09 January 2006

Nyama (Meat)

Hello all,

Things here are moving along. Yesterday I hand washed my cloths over protests from my “mama” that she could do it. It was fine, but harder than washing a few nice shirts in the sink, and of course a mzungu (white person) doing laundry was entertainment for all those around. In the evening we went to Allen’s farm (or what will be a farm) where his cousin also has a farm and is building a house. I guess it is a weekly tradition; they all get together and talk, eat and play. It was a good time, a very REAL experience. Staying with a family is a 1000 times better than staying in a hostile or with other students. It is exhausting as well though. Everyone is eager to help me learn Swahili and continually try to talk to me, but I have to continually say, “say again” or “I don’t know that word” and 3 hours of that is tiring. They were all also very curious about me not eating meat so I tried to explain, which lead to the realization that I would eat meat in TZ so under their insistence I tried cow and goat. Cow was good, goat not so much. I think Allen understands I’d still prefer not to eat meat and it isn’t any trouble to not eat it at his house so that it good. I don’t mind trying, but I don’t always want to eat/like the meat. I’ll take some pictures next week or the week after. Love to all! ~ Jennifer


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