06 January 2006

Habari from TZ

Hello everyone!
I have made it to Tanzania with one bag making it a day after me. No surprise or big deal other than one bottle of my mosquito repellent burst, but didn't make too big a mess. The family I'm staying with is very nice and their accommodations are great. I've just been getting my bearings, going to TAWIRI (the place I need to get my research clearance), and getting to know my host family. Esther, the mother, is pregnant (about 3 months) and they have five other children that are getting used to a mzungu (white person) in their house. Although the rains should have already come, they haven't and things are very dry and dusty. I hope everyone is doing well and I'll post more (hopefully with pictures) later. Tutazumgumza baadaye (I will talk with you later). ~love jen


Blogger nicole said...

i'm glad you're there safely! have fun and be careful

4:50 AM  

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