29 December 2005


I figured it would be easiest to create a blog to keep everyone updated on my adventures in TZ. So, here it is, my first blog. Provided I find a reliable internet source in Arusha I'll try to keep this blog up to date and somewhat interesting. :) Talk to you all again when I'm in Africa.
PS The date stamp is set up like they write the date in TZ (i.e. day month year) and I have my time sent to TZ time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you choosing to volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps!

A link to your online journal of life in Tanzania has recently been added to:


1. Contains over 1,300 journals and blogs from Peace Corps Volunteers serving around the world.
2. Each country has its own detailed site that can directly linked to, and which are easily accessible with a possible slow Internet connection within the field.
3. Detailed map for every country that becomes interactive, via Google, once clicked on.
4. Detailed information for each country is available through following one of four links at the bottom of each map.
5. The sponsor is someone who cares about volunteers' health.
6. The main page is user-friendly. There are regional-specific pull-down menus to select your country of choice.
7. Clicking on the actual word of the region brings to an encyclopedia article on that region.
8. Links to Graduate Schools and RPCVs Regional Associations.
9. A list of the entire staff of Peace Corps worldwide, with contact information, is available on every country-specific page.
10. There is an e-mail link on every page. If you want to add a Journal, spotted a dead link, or have a comment.

Enjoy your time in Tanzania!

-Mike Sheppard
RPCV / The Gambia

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