13 January 2007


This is our dog, mambo (which is a greeting in Swahili). We actually adopted him in December during my last trip, well rather he adopted us. Apparently while Dennis and I were in the field the dog started to hang around and Susan fed him. When she left Mambo was sort of kicked out, but did not go very far. When Dennis, Craig and I returned home from Serengeti he was lying outside our gate. Try as we might, we could not convince mambo that he was not wanted (Craig hates dogs, and Tanzanian dogs are often dirty and annoying). After determining that he did not belong to anyone around us we overruled Craig and adopted him. He is quite friendly and does not bark too much, except when Craig locks him outside our gate (which he does just to be ornery). I brought him some treats from the US and I am trying to teach him to sit and not to jump (kaa and chini are respectively the Swahili commands). He is listening to me, sort of, probably because I have taken it upon myself to feed him and I give him treats. He still needs his shots so we have sent requests to the dog vaccination team in Serengeti that works for Craig to get some vaccinations sent back to Arusha. I have no idea how old he is or much else about him, but for a Tanzanian dog he is quite clean and friendly.


Blogger A.C. Byrne said...

He looks like a Tanzanian version of Grendel. How exciting to have a furry companion there!

9:51 AM  
Anonymous owl3445 said...

Duma bait !!!

6:52 AM  

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