02 December 2006

The plan

Well, I'm off to the field tomorrow and here is the plan:
Sunday: Travel to Seronera/Serengeti (in a car that maxes out at 60kph).
Monday: Travel from Seronera to Bariadi (though reports from the area suggest it is raining hard and rivers are flooding).
Tuesday: Meet with the district commissioner of Bariadi to get permission for our field team to work there (this is the guy whose fault it is that I'm here. He is the reason we are behind schedule. He is the devil).
Wednesday: Try to go to Maswa Game reserve headquarters (about a 5% chance given the reports of rain in the area, even in the dry season this place is difficult and long to get to).
Thursday: Travel to Loliondo (requires going from the more southwestern part of the Serengeti ecosystem to the northeastern part, in a car by the way with only two seat an four people).
Friday: Introductions to Loliondo district commissioner (we'll have to watch out for the bandits that apparently are in the area, thus all valuables will stay in Serengeti).
Saturday: Return to Seronera/Serengeti and/or try to climb Lengai (though with the rains the chances of climbing Lengai are low, but don't worry mom and dad, the boots you bought me will come in handy getting our car out of all the mud we are sure to get into).
Thereafter: To Be Determined, but likely in Seronera with internet access a little so I'll check back in with you all then.
Wish me luck ;)


Blogger DRentsch said...

ok, I need to defend this Land Rover for a minute. To be fair to the ol' girl, it actually maxes out at 80km/hour. . . downhill. . . with a strong tailwind.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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