16 December 2006


Yesterday I got to go with Anne with the Serengeti Cheetah Project to look for cheetahs. A truly spectacular experience, it was nice to just be in a car and with a person with the same objective as I always have. Yes we saw many other cool things, but the purpose was to find cheetah! J We did find two, a male and lactating female. Unfortunately cheetahs are more skittish than lions so I couldn’t get as close of pictures, but nonetheless I got pretty close. They can individually identify each cheetah by their spot pattern and the cheetah project has a computer program that take digital photographs of the animals, compares them to the database and identifies the individual. Tomorrow I head back to Arusha, in the problematic car, so here’s hoping that we make it back in less than 12 hours (or make it at all). ;)


Anonymous Michelle said...

I think Chessie is going to be jealous of all your time with these other cats!!

(I also think I should get a prize for posting so often on your blog... :)

2:18 AM  

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