24 August 2006

N 64 degrees 01'08.1" E 011 degrees 29'47.8"

That is Brad and I's new coordinates. We arrived safely and without drama. It is very odd going from Tanzania to Norway, definately a little culture shock. My brain is still in Swahili mode, but everyone is speaking Norweign so I can't understand or communicate, but we have our friend Eva (thank goodness). I saw a moose on the way to Eva's place, very exciting. Tomorrow we are heading to Trondheim via train (Brad is very excited) and then to Eva's parents house in some tiny rural town. We'll be back in touch when we return from the Norweign "bush". På gjensyn (see you later in Norweign).
PS Brad says to tell you all we are 3,887 miles from our home in MN.


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