05 July 2006

Serengeti - Grumeti - Maswa

Hi all,
I'm sending a quick note, hoping to get it out before our power goes off at 7am (due to power rationing). I'm heading out to Serengeti today with Dennis. I'll be staying in the grassland house with a friend (the lion house is full, which is where I stayed last time). Dennis and I are going to Grumeti on Friday (I went there in March) and I'm going to talk to them some more about my research and data collaboration. Then we will return to Serengeti and then head out to Maswa game reserve early next week. Maswa is also in both of our PhD study areas and we are going to go talk to the reserve manager. Maswa is well off the beaten path so it should be an interesting drive, but we bought a satellite phone yesterday (well SF bought it, we get to use it) so just in case we have a problem we have a means to contact someone. I hope everyone has a great next week, sorry that I won't be responding to anything in that time.

Dennis? Who is Dennis you ask? Check his blog out at www.tzden.blogspot.com (I've given him a hard time about how close his blog address is to mine)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the same Dennis from "Out of Africa"? It's dejavu all over again.

Kandy M.

9:06 AM  

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