02 July 2006

Mtoto bila jina

Congratulations must go out to Esther and Allen whose daughter was born last Tuesday (June 27th). I didn't post right away because I was planning on stopping by and taking a picture this weekend. I did stop by, but forgot my camera. Baby and mom are both doing well other than they still don't have a name for her (hence the title of my post which translates to child without a name). I had the house to my self on Friday so I invited the four kids (Emmanuel, Ebenezer, Eric, and Hosianna) over for dinner, a movie, and a sleepover. I was not sure how strange this invitation might be, but when I went to pick them up Friday evening the kids were super excited and I think Esther was looking forward to the break, or at least only having to deal with the new baby and not four other kids. I cooked them spaghetti and bought cookies, soda, chips, and popcorn totally spoiling them while we watched Shrek. It was lots of fun! :)


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