23 June 2006

Back in Arusha

Hello everyone,
I'm back in Arusha, arrived last night. Turns out our meeting was postponed until December because there was some official letters that were required to make everything run smoothly. Hamna shida (no worries), we will still move forward. The drive from Dar to Arusha, was as with last time, long. We left at 9 am and arrived back at 7:30pm. We did take an hour plus long lunch break, but still. Below are two photos, one of a road diversion that has apparently been in place for years and the other of a corn field. As you'll see, the corn is mixed with local vegetation which is interesting because here the lines between people and "nature" are blurred. It just seems to me there is much more of a distinction between human residences/areas and "natural areas" in the States, but here they are intertwined. Many houses often have open doors and or windows with no closing mechanism to the outside and the agriculture is often mixed with natural vegetation. It also makes using Satellite imagery for land-use classification difficult because there aren't as many large swathes of agriculture land like we have in Iowa that are obviously corn. Instead you get mixed pixels with some corn and some trees and native species.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god, Jennifer! Just what in the hell are you doing? Ok, I'm not up to speed. Your dad just gave me your address. But I will be happy when you are back home.!!!!! Kandy Maharas
P.S. Happy Birthday Late!

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Wow" is all I can say to your adventures, Jennifer!
Looks like you are collecting a fantastic bunch of stories. Can't wait to read more......best wishes from the states! Lynn Maharas

1:01 AM  

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