04 June 2006


Yesterday (Saturday) I went back to my host family's house. I drove our SF vehicle, a stick shift, which was interesting, but by the return home I was comfortable shifting with my left hand, and weaving in and out of lanes (a must in this country). Anyway, Esther knew I was coming, but I asked her not to tell the kids and it was so great and wonderful to see Peter's eyes when he opened the gate and saw me behind the wheel of the car. First it was curiosity, who would be stopping by with a car, then surprise that it was me, and then excitement that I had stopped by, all in the flash of an eye, but what a great moment! Everyone was happy to see me and I them. Apparently Hosianna and Erik began asking June first when I was coming back (I told them before I left last time that I would return sometime in June). The Swahili came back (somehow it is a lot easier speaking with them than others, I'm just used to their accent I guess, that and they speak with words they know I know). I brought some gifts which were fun to give because they were very personal this time, like an old maid deck of cards b/c I had taught the kids how to play with a normal deck and we played almost every day last time (and of course we played a few games yesterday). Esther planned rice and beans for dinner (my favorite) and I ended up sleeping there for the night b/c by 10pm I hadn't left and I felt more comfortable staying the night rather than driving in the dark. That and I wasn't ready to stay goodbye anyway. Esther is really huge, she is due within the month. She knows the sex, but wouldn't tell me because she doesn't believe the doctor. I miss not staying there, and I'm sure I could, but with wireless at our new house and all the craziness going on with setting up SF it just makes more logistical sense to stay in Njiro (the new house). Anyway, I hope someday you all can meet my African family, they are so great (I'm still hoping at least one of the kids go to college in the US so I can return the hospitality and have them come for breaks, summer and/or holidays).


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