06 February 2007

White flurries

No, not snow flurries, but butterflies, hundreds of thousands of white butterflies. It was the most amazing thing. From the crater rim all the way to Arusha these butterflies were just flying across the road (for about 200 kilometers). It was really spectacular up on the crater rim because it appeared like they were just pouring out of the crater, up and over the rim and down the hillside. In some areas there were only a few and then I would get to some spots where they were highly concentrated and it was almost like it was snowing. One unlucky butterfly flew in my car and hit the inside windshield (many hit the outside), but it allowed me to take this picture.

So this spectacular event took place yesterday (Monday) and today. Yesterday I left Serengeti with a family who needed a ride (Dad, Mom, baby, and two young kids). It was nice to have some company and (like I mentioned in my previous blog) to have potential help if I got stuck or a flat. But no problems and after interviewing the antipoaching head of the Ngorongoro conservation area authority I dropped the family off in Karatu (to catch a bus somewhere else) and I went to Allen's guest house for a nice warm shower, electricity, and a soft bed. This morning I got up early and headed back to the crater rim to talk to someone in community development. Turns out the person I needed to talk to is in Arusha, but I spoke a little with someone else so it wasn't a total waste. I picked up 2 guys and 2 girls and headed to Arusha. Again, nice to have the company, and we made it back without a problem. However, the travel gods must have been watching because the moment I parked in my driveway and started unpacking my tire went flat. So, with the help of 3 guys from the field team I changed the tire, put on the spare and realized the spare had a slow leak. So rather than relax it was off to the tire place to get the tires fixed. I put a new tube in the flat tire and then they changed out the spare and patched the spare's tube. After about 1.5 hours I was finally able to return and relax after my long journey.


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