20 February 2007

The end of an era

Yes, I am back in the States now, after a long plane ride with a head cold (yuck) and as you all know after four trips to Tanzania in just over a year (I am a little tired of the traveling). I'm not sure what the future will hold for my travels to Tanzania (and thus postings on this blog), but I'll let you know :)
In the meantime....I snapped a shot of the garage where I spent so much time with my lovely car (which was working better AFTER I returned it than it was when they gave it to me).
Yes, that is the garage. They work right there (the main road is right behind me), without the normal safety precautions like we have in the States (like goggles or even welding glasses/helmets). And here is good old APA, I'll miss her, but I am glad to be back driving my Echo, it is so much more relaxing.


Anonymous mud tire squire said...

That SVU must have mud tires that are especially designed for rough road conditions

9:14 AM  

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