15 August 2006

On Safari

Brad made it to Tanzania and after some boring days in Arusha while I did work, we left yesterday on safari. We hired a safari driver and car through Allen (my host father) and had a good drive out to Serengeti yesterday. As we passed the Ngorongoro crater there were few clouds, making for a nice view of the crater floor (often there are clouds that sink down into the crater making it impossible to see the floor).
Once we made it to the Serengeti gate we slowed down, opened up the top and enjoyed the view.
It was quite dusty, but other than that we had a good time.
Brad got this nice picture of some elephants.
Our driver radioed to others asking about cheetah so we took a short detour to go see three cheetah in the tall grass. They were eating something, but all we could see were bloody cheetah faces when they sat up (through binoculars so no pictures). It was cool. We will be in Serengeti until Thursday morning at which time we'll go to Karatu (stopping at the crater on our way). Then on Friday we'll leave from Karatu, go through Lake Manyara National Park and make our way back to Arusha.


Blogger Michelle said...

Love the elephants!!
Glad that you saw some cheetahs...

4:18 PM  
Anonymous owl3445 said...

Great to see you 2 together out in the wilds. We await your pics and the stories of your adventures. Thanks for sharing.

4:52 AM  

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